Friday, April 4, 2008

Life after the NICU

We were able to have lots of family come and help out when Caleb was born. Adam's sister, Sami, was first to the scene. I went to the hospital on a Thursday morning and she drove out here from California in record time arriving that same night. We weren't sure when the baby was coming so she had to get back to work by that Monday. She was sad that she couldn't be there for the birth but we were so grateful that she was there during that stressful time. She was our comic relief! My mom was here about 4 hours after Caleb was born and left 2 days before he came home from the hospital. Ray and Audrey were here the day after my mom left and stayed for a few days. They were there to welcome Caleb home from the ICU. Adam's mom, Nora, came out the beginning of December and was able to stay for a week. That's her giving Caleb a bath at the kitchen sink. We are very grateful to our parents, they did so much for us when they were out here. My mom helped drive me back and forth to the hospital 3 or 4 times a day so we could be with Caleb as much as possible. Ray and Audrey helped us get the house all set up. Nora was a huge help for me because she would get up in the night and help feed the baby while I caught up on sleep. It was such a joy to have that time with each of the grandparents.

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