Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A New Found Love

A couple of days before we left for Louisiana, I was in the kitchen and Caleb was in his room playing and I heard a weird music sound. (This is where I wish I could upload videos from my phone to the computer.) So I went to check on him, and he had stood up by the piano bench and was reaching up and pressing some of the piano keys. It was so cute, his head didn't even reach the base of the keyboard. So when we were in Louisiana, that was his favorite thing to do, play the piano. Every time we would open it up and start playing some of the keys, he would get the biggest grin on his face and hurry over to the piano.

What a natural!

"I wanna play this song, gramma!"

New Things for Caleb

I feel kind of bad because at home we don't really have too many "age-appropriate" toys for Caleb to play with. But at gramma's house there were all sorts of toys with buttons and lights and music and talking toys, it was great. He also discovered remote controls for the tv, which he somehow figured out how to turn on. And he just loved the Christmas tree. Gramma would turn on the lights and he would just sit there and stare at it. So lots of fun and excitement at gramma's house.

Back to the South

Caleb and I were able to take a trip to Louisiana to visit my family. Adam was stuck behind studying for and taking finals. We got there late Wednesday night on the 10th. Caleb slept a lot on the plane and didn't want to go to sleep once we got home, he stayed up until almost 4am (3am his time)! He was also excited to be somewhere new to explore.

The next morning we woke up to snow. Lots of snow. I thought I was back in Salt Lake. It was crazy. I had never seen so much snow in Louisiana before. Once when I was 8 or 9 it snowed enough to make snow-men, but I don't remember this much snow. It was pretty watching it come down though.

These are my good friend's daughters Olivia and Liah.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Zoo

I took Caleb to the zoo for the first time at the beginning of December. We went with a friend and her little girl. Caleb loved it, it was so much fun watching him. And the weather was so nice too (December in Arizona!). No more snow. We ended up going back a few days later for "zoo lights" at night, which was also fun. We also ended up getting a season pass so we can go more often. So after the Christmas holiday, we'll have to start going more.

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