Sunday, May 10, 2009

California: Gramma Nora's

Caleb has been having sooo much fun here. We got here on Thursday morning and after adjusting to the lack of sleep due to early plane flights, Caleb has been such a joy for everyone to be around. He has been warming up to everyone quickly and it's just so cool to see his cute little personality come out more.

Adam made it to Russia ok and is slowly adjusting to the time difference, he's 11 hours ahead of us. He has a Russian cell phone that we've been able to call using Skype for way cheap, like 7 cents a minute, and 2 cents a minute if we call his hotel land line. Oh, funny story: He's in room 54 and I was trying to figure out online how to say that in Russian so when I called the hotel, they could transfer me to his room. So I found a translation website that would also say the word aloud so that you could practice pronunciation. Well, I thought I would never be able to say it, so I went ahead and called the hotel. When they answered, I pressed 'play' on the word. So the lady put me on hold and called his room. Apparently no one answered so the lady came back and started talking to me. So I was like, dang it, I'm busted. She must have thought I was crazy, sounding like I could speak Russian and then saying, uh.. english?? So anyway, a guy who sounds American gets on the phone and says, sorry we couldn't fix your pipe. So I was able to explain to him who I was and that I was trying to reach my husband. I also tried to explain to him what I did, but I'm sure they all thought I was still crazy. Oh well. I did find out later, that Adam was asleep when I called. So it would have worked!


Carrie said...

HaHaHa!! That is hilarious Jennifer!

Alley Times said...

I think that was an awesome idea! Way to go!