Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer: Delaware

Caleb and I went to Delaware towards the end of May to visit Toni and her family. We had a fun-filled week and it was so nice to be able to spend so much time catching up with Toni, though we could always use more time! We went to Lancaster, PA and went to a few Amish shops. We didn't get any pictures there though. But we did have really yummy home-made lemonade and fresh pretzels. We went to the coolest children's museum called "Please Touch Museum". It was so huge and so much fun and all the kids loved it! Most of the pictures I have come from there. We also went to the Philadelphia Zoo, which is America's 1st zoo. I think we went at the same time that every school in the area had decided to take a field trip. So it was a little crazy at first, but we found the less traveled areas eventually and stayed around there. I also was able to take some pictures of Toni's kids and family, so I'll post a couple of them too. That part of the country is very beautiful and I really enjoyed being there.

If you don't think I put up enough pictures from the museum, you can check out Toni's post for more pictures:

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