Sunday, August 8, 2010

Masters Graduation May 2010

Dr. Dunkel, the professor that Adam worked with as his teacher's assistant, "hooded" Adam. Adam was too tall so he had to get on his knees for him to be able to reach him.

2010 University of Arizona Russian Masters Graduates

From Masters Graduation
Audrey, Sami, Adam, Jennifer, Ray, Nora, Grandma Marie
(my mom was home w/ the sick Caleb)

So Caleb was sick the whole time we had family in town. I didn't get ANY pictures w/ him and the family. This many family members at the same time and NO pictures! I'm still really sad about that. Besides that, we still had a really good time w/ everyone in town, and the graduation went great! We also got to celebrate Nora's birthday with her. It was so awesome and we felt so thankful to be able to celebrate Adam's graduation w/ so many loved ones!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random Caleb Pictures

These are for not posting in a very long time. Enjoy. Who knows when I'll post again.