Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Zeum Carousel

The Children's Museum in San Francisco has an awesome carousel ride. You get 2 rides for only 3 dollars! I went on it once with Caleb before Adam got there and then Adam went on it with him too. Caleb was a little scared to get on the horses, but he really liked the big "sleigh chair".

Visiting Ours

I'm determined to finish blogging about our trip in San Francisco even if it does take me 6 months to do it.

We were able to see and visit lots of family while we were in California. We love our family!

With Grandma Nora in Oakdale. She also spent time with us in San Francisco.

With Grandpa Ray in his home office in Davis. Grandpa Ray and Nana gave us rides to and from the airport. Ray also came to visit us a couple times in SF.

With Nana in SF.

With Grandma Gaynell in Elk Grove. Also Grandpa Mike and the rest of the Hardy bunch.

With Uncle Scott and his iPhone.

With Uncle Johnny & Aunt Julie at their home

With cousin Hunter and his mom Bekki in Oakdale

Monday, May 16, 2011

Touring San Francisco with the Graves

We have some pretty awesome friends from Tucson that drove up to visit us while we were in San Francisco. The Graves Family! They stayed in town for about 3 days and I think we did and saw more in those 3 days than we did our entire trip! We went to Pier 39, went on a Trolley Tour of the city, toured China Town (found THE best chinese restaurant ever, recommended by a local), went to Union Square (went to the bathroom at the Macy's with 7 floors), went to Ghirardelli Square (ate some chocolate of course), tried on some fun sunglasses (sorry, no pictures of that), bought jewelry from the street vendors, watched the Boudin workers make sour dough bread into cool animals, saw a little part of Muir Woods, went down Lombard Street - the windiest road in the world, saw Coit Tower and the amazing views from there, and really enjoyed seeing the Graves again!

Marsha and James Graves

Cute pictures of Mackenzie

The Fairmont San Francisco Hotel

Madison, Caleb, Quinn, Mackenzie, and Xander (in the back)

Mmmm, yummy!

Mother, daughter. Awww!

China Town

Lombard Street - the windiest road in the world

See, right there.

Caleb and Mackenzie, they got along really well.

Coit Tower

Views from Coit Tower: Alcatraz

Golden Gate Bridge

part of the city

Muir Woods

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fun Times w/ Amanda & Sherry

Golden Gate Park - we took a picnic and visited the Dutch Windmill and Tulip Garden, which was gorgeous! We took a bunch of pictures of the kids! Then we went to the Golden Gate Park children's playground, which was probably the coolest park I've ever been to. There was a lot to do there, and the kids could have stayed there forever. I took a video of the park on my phone (well, Adam's phone) that I was going to try and post, but I can't find it, I think it's gone. Oh well.

We found an area with a really nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge

We also went to another awesome park in the city called Alta Plaza park. It was on top of a hill and there were views of the city from every angle. I didn't take my camera out there, I think I was burned out on snapping pictures.
We also had fun just shopping/window shopping, having lunch/dinner, and just hanging out. We loved our time that we had with them and we're thankful that Amanda took all that time and effort to come see us so often. (And we're thankful that we found close parking for less than $18 a day! :) )

Caleb & Sherry

My very good friend Amanda, and her daughter Sherry live near Sacramento and would come visit us in San Francisco at least once a week. Sherry is just a few months older than Caleb, so they had so much fun playing together. Caleb was always excited when I told him that "Sherry and Amanda are coming today!"

They were pretty tuckered out here

Our View

We tagged along on a business trip to San Francisco back in February and stayed in a beautiful one bedroom apartment in the financial district. We enjoyed stunning views from our 21st floor and were able to see some of the piers, the Ferry Building, the Bay, the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Angel Island, and Coit Tower. Here are a couple of pictures from our balcony.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

San Francisco Pictures Coming Soon...

Gardening Success

I bought an earthbox (dummy-proof gardening container), determined to plant something this year. Then I got ambitious and borrowed a container from a friend so I could plant TWO different things: strawberries and romaine lettuce. Adam did a great job keeping them watered while I was at Toni's for a week and a half. I'm so excited that they're growing!