Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Zeum Carousel

The Children's Museum in San Francisco has an awesome carousel ride. You get 2 rides for only 3 dollars! I went on it once with Caleb before Adam got there and then Adam went on it with him too. Caleb was a little scared to get on the horses, but he really liked the big "sleigh chair".

Visiting Ours

I'm determined to finish blogging about our trip in San Francisco even if it does take me 6 months to do it.

We were able to see and visit lots of family while we were in California. We love our family!

With Grandma Nora in Oakdale. She also spent time with us in San Francisco.

With Grandpa Ray in his home office in Davis. Grandpa Ray and Nana gave us rides to and from the airport. Ray also came to visit us a couple times in SF.

With Nana in SF.

With Grandma Gaynell in Elk Grove. Also Grandpa Mike and the rest of the Hardy bunch.

With Uncle Scott and his iPhone.

With Uncle Johnny & Aunt Julie at their home

With cousin Hunter and his mom Bekki in Oakdale