Friday, February 17, 2012

Year 4 Photobook

It was fun making Caleb's book this year. Shutterfly allows you to be a lot more flexible now with the pages. I was able to add embellishments and move pictures and text around. And my favorite new feature was using my own pictures as page backgrounds. :)


The Burnah Clan said...

okay, so what I am the most impressed with is not your awesome photography skills or beautiful beautiful boy who is growing up so fast...but that of all your great photos, you managed to narrow it down to a select few great ones and put them into a nice organized book that looks great! Way to go...can you teach me that? :) I don't even take fantastic photos and I still can't manage to just pick out the best and keep it simple. Love you!

Mrs. Vanna Z said...

Awesome Jenn! That, I am sure, took so much work, but what a beautiful treasure!

Amanda said...

Loved this! Thanks for sharing! I Just LOVE how you make these books! Such great ideas!
I am totally crying over here! I really miss you guys! You all look so amazing!