Friday, January 11, 2013

Year 5 Photobook

Here's our yearly all-in-one post. As always, I had fun making this book, although I hope that one of these years I will start creating pages along the way instead of trying to start and finish it all in one week! Who am I kidding though, that's just how I work! :)
p.s. I just wanted to add that from December to August-ish I didn't have my camera. It broke in November 2011 so I just used a little one and my phone camera until I could get a new one. I got a new one in August and I love it! :) 

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Janae said...

I can't believe how old Caleb is now. Looks like you all had a fun year. How cool you got to go to the DR. I miss you all. Love you tons!